Outback Mission

䰮Ƶ Outback Mission is an incredible opportunity to step out of your comfort zone into another culture to serve God and His people. Mission in the Outback of Queensland gives students the opportunity to partner with Care Outreach and experience a unique aspect of Australian life and culture.

What is Outback Mission

As a part of our strategic plan to involve students in ministry in rural areas, the College is continuing on its mission to remote properties in the Western Darling Downs area during Term 1. This expands the College’s Mission opportunities to include an inland focus and to expose our students to some of the challenges that families are facing in the Bush.

In partnership with students work on remote properties, giving assistance and lending a hand where we are able.

We hope to build on the relationship of Care Outreach to the people in the bush as they share the love of Christ in a very practical and meaningful way.

Where do we go?

The Outback Link trip focuses on building on the networks we have established with Care Outreach, expanding on the properties that we have previously visited and developed connections with other properties keen to host our teams.

Students have the opportunity to work in a practical way on various properties and get a ‘real world’ appreciation of life in the outback.

What does Care Outreach do?

Care Outreach is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to care for the physical emotional and spiritual well-being of people in Rural and Remote Australia. They offer a helping hand to Queensland farmers who are suffering from the effects of severe drought.

Their current focus is on organising deliveries of food supplies and animal feed to struggling farming families in Western Queensland, particularly through the severely affected extended regions from the Qld Border to Mt Isa.

Care Outreach has a team of dedicated volunteers who work hard to provide assistance and support to farmer and graziers and their families.


More Information

Garth Reid

Outback Mission Coordinator

Garth Reid via [email protected] or phone 5451 3605

Outback Mission Fact Sheet

If you’re currently enrolled in Years 10,11 or 12 at 䰮Ƶ and would like to participate in the next Outback Mission Trip, please visit Secondary reception for an Outback Link Fact Sheet.



Outback Link 2018 – Photo Gallery

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  • Exposing our students to real-life challenges in the bush makes a huge impact,
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    Garth Reid
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